Friday, November 4, 2011

Candy - Smandy!

Yes... Candy - Smandy.... my littles have barely given their sugary treasure a second thought.  Halloween for them is all about the costumes!

This year, the winning choices were:

Abby's Choice.... Khaat Qiyn  (I know... google it! )  ; )  

I understand the Jedi "stop".... but the Chinese Herroine "stop"... hmmmmmm....  guess this is how she stopped the Huns!  : )
Also notice that the light s@ber has been so much fun to play with that it had to be taped up to make it to the holiday!  

You think Fa Mulan... She will set you straight... she is actually Hua Mulan...the historical Chinese Heroine that Disn@y based Fa Mulan on.   ; )  

It was a fun evening. Over the past few years, Abby and Llli have made it about a block or two before "pooping out" and asking to return home for hot chocolate and a comfy spot in front of the fire.  This year Joe and the girls decided to team up with some new neighbors that have 3 boys (that Abby and Lilli absolutely adore) and hit the sidewalks of our neighborhood.  It is funny that they hung in there for about 2 hours of fun this year.... they would never "quit" in front of their new friends.

As for Daniel... he had a rough night. ; ) He accompanied 5 of his female friends from school as they went door to door in our neighborhood.  How nice of him to sacrifice his time to protect these sweet young ladies.  hahahaha!

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Ellie said...

they both look beautiful! that abby is such a character :) a sweet one of course! and lilli is lilli - and she makes a perfect hua mulan!

i have not eaten any candy today - which is a good thing since i ate most of tia and elijah's on tuesday and thursday!

love ya!
xo ellie