Sunday, November 6, 2011

How Did I Get Here?

2 years ago I would have never sat down to watch a college football game.  Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed the games tremendously when I was a student... but besides cheering for the Saints and keeping an eye on Nascar, I really was uninterested in any sports other than those that my children participated in.

That has all changed.  How did I get here?  How did I become such a huge Bama Fan?  Guess it is all about the kids!

So I guess it is understandable that today will be kind of a sad day.  We were all so ready for a great game last night - number 1 vs number 2.  And... we were convinced that those numbers should be reversed!  It was not to be.  It was a great game... but the final score was not so great!

Hopefully, we will get our chance for redemption in the BCS National Championship in a few months!

Joey was up at 4am!  He was on both Sportscenter and College GameDay.  Love your sign Joey!  

Abby and Lilli are huge fans as well!  

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Ellie said...

Very fun, I'm so glad you are enjoying being a fan ( yay cards! Go packers and boohoo Wisconsin :). I 'm sort of a fan by proxy but it is fun!

Love the photos of adorable Myla on your previous post!

xo ellie