Monday, August 20, 2007

Don't call me tonight... I won't answer the phone...

Because... tonight is IDOL night! .... I know, I know... American Idol is done and dusted for this year ~ but, Australian Idol has just begun! Amazingly enough, in a country that has roughly the same population of the great state of Texas, there is a vast array of talented musicians... and I mean musicians. Unlike American Idol and my other favorite, Indonesian Idol, Australian Idol encourages contestants to show up with instruments ~ guitars, ukeleles, pianos, drums... you name it they show up with it! The contestants are also encouraged to audition with original music and lyrics which is really cool.

Don't worry, they still have the odd guy dressed up as a bananna that will do anything for his 15 minutes of fame... and the young woman whose entire "entourage" has convinced her that she is the best singer on earth... even in comparison to the likes of Whitney Houston! ... then when she opens her mouth, the judges (all four of them in Australia) sphew water or coke or some other sort of beverage .... and then tell her that she must be Pink's younger sister... Stink!!!

Anyway, if you call tonight or any other Sunday and Monday night from 7:30 until 8:30 and I don't answer the phone.... now you will understand why! I admit it... I am an Idol addict!

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