Friday, August 10, 2007

I should have gotten the Flu vaccine....

I am sick! Yuck! I hate being sick... but I guess, I caught what Abby had. Vernie (my maternal grandmother and all around wise lady) would have said that I "drank the water"! Thank goodness for Panadol Cold and Flu Max... and a heap of helpful children! The number one saying in the Judge house the last couple of days has been, "What can I do for you now mom?" Thank you Joey, Holly, Daniel, and Abby!

Joe comes home in the morning so that will make all things better! He has been in Sydney for a military conference for over a week ~ enough!~ the generals don't need him as much as we do!

He has been able to catch up with Joe and Kevin ~ the couple that "replaced" us in Indonesia. That is pretty cool and if I had not been sick, I would have been in Sydney in a second to see them as they are a great couple! But they eat at my favorite spot in Jakarta and are rubbing it in to Joe... so maybe I don't like them afterall! Just kidding ~ I just miss the head chef and manager at Cassis! It will forever be one of my favorites ever! They even sent Joe and I a Happy Anniversay email! They are so lovely! And the food.... pretty much the best! If you are ever in Jakarta ~ go to Cassis, ask for Danny, and tell him Joe and Rebel sent you!!! You won't regret it!!!

I did get to spend the evening with Paul and Celeste on Tuesday night. They are from Canada and live in Jakarta. Joe and Paul held the same jobs at their repective embassies ~ US and Canadian. They are such a fun and laid back couple! As my daughter said when I was walking out the door, "Mom, they must be special because you are not social". Thanks Holly for pointing out my Shrek "stay out of my swamp" ness! Your mother is not unsocial... just shy! Thank you!

I did get some cheering up yesterday... in the form of new photos of Lilli! YEAH! Thanks to all the families in China that took their time and effort to snap a few pictures of our beautiful chubby cheeked cherub! If you would like to see all the new pictures go o Lilli's blog at passwordd: lillian ~ I promise you won't be disapointed!

Also, my dad is doing much better after his surgery! He was in serious pain for almost a week and a half and now it is tolerable so he has turned the corner! Hopefully in a few weeks he will be pain free!

OK... enough of Judge life for now!

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