Friday, August 3, 2007

It is Saturday Morning at the Judge House which means Biscuits and Basketball... and throw in Bob the Builder!

. Saturday morning at the Judge home and all are stuffed... with buscuits! Joey, who returned with the secret "Grandma Judge" buscuit recipe less than a month ago, has caused a flour shortage in the country of he has prepared so many buscuits for our enjoyment! We are NOT complaining!

Today, our buscuits came in normal round and special shapes ~ including puppies (Abby called the two dog shaped ones Taz and Java and appologized to them as she scarfed them down!!! She did let them nibble on a little honey... check out the pictures) dog bones, and even a kitty cat. We also had a few special ones sprinkled with cinammon! I will need to venture to the grocery store today to replinish our supply of flour... sure hope my pj pants are acceptable attire for the market, becasue after eating so many yummy buscuits with loads of butter ~ that is all that fits! HA!

The good thing is that we have lots of energy for all of our basketball games today!
Now... as for Bob the Builder... Joe and I went to a trivia night at the Embassy armed with a bit of confidence knowing between us we have years and years of education ~ primary, secondary, university, post graduate... we were going to be the stars of our 8 man team. Out of 77 questions, our team scored 45... I won't even tell you that our score included double points for one round... but anyway, I was quite impressed with Joe answering a history question, a music question, and a science question... then there is me! I am happy to report that one point of the 45 was mine and mine alone... and the only point I contributed for the night. You would think that this one point would be in the History category... but no... general knowledge. And now with a drum roll... everyone on the edge of their seats yet?... the question that I answered correctly for my team was - The name of Bob the Builder's cement mixer is Dizzy! Are you all impressed with my brilliance?

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