Friday, August 10, 2007

My Advice to the LT Governor of Hawaii

Just wanted to post a note that I wrote to the LT Governor of Hawaii in light of the fact that some of my adoption paperwork had to sit on his desk for over a week while he was on vacation:

Dear Sir,

Recently, on your desk was a piece of paperwork that I needed authenticated by the State of Hawaii to complete my Dossier for an International Adoption from China. This piece of paper had been "vacationing" (meaning it was lost for a few weeks) in Hawaii ~ but was received by your office toward the end of July. Your assistant (very nice lady I might add) was gracious enough to take my Federal Express information and have it ready once the document was signed. Unfortunately you were away on vacation and my document had to wait... which directly translates to my daughter waiting in China.

I do not take issue with your vacation ~ by all means, take as much vacation as you have to enjoy your family! My issue is the fact that you do not delegate the task of signing Authentications while you are away.
You are the only State Official that my lawyer has come across that does not delegate this duty while away. She has been working with families and adoption for nearly 18 years.

I would ask that you consider in the future, that the papers that wait on your desk are very important to so many people and should be taken care of as quickly as possible. Please consider delegating this task when you are away in the future. It might mean that a family and their child are together just a few days sooner!


Rebel Judge

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