Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I was never meant to be a juggler!

Just so you know, if you come to visit in the next few days, you might find me in the "duck and cover" position! Why???? Read on.....

Being a juggler is not in my nature. I can focus on a couple things - but I have definately decided in the last few days that I like order, I like plans, and I like what is expected. My answer to juggling too many balls at the moment??? Duck and cover!

Thank goodness my husband - my Joe - is always standing right next to me ready when gravity inevitabley takes hold! He is always there to catch the balls before they all hit the floor - and my head on their journey to the floor!

I have been so focused on trying to get everything for Lilli's adoption in order that yesterday, the fact that the kids start a new school year next week just snook(is that really a word - snook? sneaked?) up on me! Really! I knew it was coming... but in my mind I was thinking we still had a few weeks for preparation. Nope... Daniel starts Monday and Joey and Holly start Tuesday and Abby follows closely with her first day being Thursday. The one thing that is in order- The Bus Passes - thanks to dad, they came yesterday!

All will fall into place I am sure ~ but if there was such a thing as "Clown College", I don't know if they would accept me at this moment - so no chance of even learning to juggle!!!

Just think.... I get to move in a few months.... to another country! That will lead to what I call my "Ostrich Position".... need I explain???

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Tiffany said...

Oh I know this feeling all too well!
The idea of ever feeling caught up seems like a distant memory.

I haven't stopped by your blog in a little while and I had fun catching up.
We are waiting for TA for An, TongLin (Xi'an CWI 4th floor) soon to be Ty.