Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm Glad I was Born in Your Heart Mommy

Abby bounds through life. She doesn't stop for much - not for food - not for water... she just grabs a little of both and bounces on. Her energy level is amazingly high .. which makes having heartfelt conversations a little on the difficult side. As she runs by - from one activity to the next, she will drop "one-liners" on us that send us to the ground - laughing so hard we are in tears. She is a self proclaimed genius - and I have to say all the Judges agree!

She does stop for the potty.

So this week she was on the potty. She looked up at me and asked, "Mommy, are babies born from Mommies' tummies?" After I was able to process this question that came totally out of the blue, I replied that babies indeed grew in tummies. She thought for a second and responded, "Who was born from your tummy mommy?" I answered that Joey, Holly, and Daniel were born from my tummy and that she grew in another mommy's tummy but was born from my heart. She thought a little more and with a cute look on her face, "Does it hurt when babies are born from your tummy?" I answered with a truthful Yes, but told her it only hurt for a bit and was well worth it. She shook her head in understanding - but wasn't done with her line of questioning. "Does it hurt when babies are born from your heart?" Not at all I assured her! Her smile grew wide and she finished the conversation with a simple, "Mommy, I am glad I was born in your heart and didn't hurt you".

She was finished with the potty and off she went. She makes me melt sometimes... well, all the time! People ask us all the time why we chose to adopt... I wonder why they didn't!!!

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