Sunday, February 10, 2008

8 Days!

Over the last year, I have read many blogs that incorporated number countdowns.... "1 month to travel", "14 days until I leave for China", "10 days until I meet my daughter"... It was always another blog and not mine! Mine seemed to read... "paperwork glitch number 5"... "2 more weeks for this mistake to be worked out"..."they promise this document will be mailed by this date(Hawaii LT Gov)"... "116 days for LOA/SC" (that would be about 30 days later than norm)... but it all seems so far in the past as I can now type the words.....

8 Days until "wheels up" for China!!!

13 more "sleeps" until my daughter is in my arms!!!

1 month until we return home and begin our lives as a family of seven!

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Amy said...

Wow!! 8 days!! Have a great trip! I will definitely be following your journey!! Amy in Arizona