Sunday, February 17, 2008

One Last Time

Right now I am in tears as my sweet little Abby who is 4 asked me if I was leaving for China soon... I said yes in 2 days and she asked me if I could "rock me like a baby one last time"... that was enough to send my heart into a bit of shock... and the tears have not stopped! She is so excited about her little sister but does "get it" that she won't be the baby anymore... she has moved into big girl territory! Oh my... the emotions of all of this!!!

Ok... she really is a big girl... she just told me she needed the computer to check her website! : )


daveandmarcy said...

Wow, that is certainly enough to make a Mommy cry, especially a Mommy who is 11 months pregnant!
Sniff sniff.
What a precious little girl Abby is. It's going to be so wonderful to see her relationship with her sister grow and blossom.

Ellie said...


Abby is so cute :) I think she must have emailed Elijah because he asked for a bottle today . . . I know Abby will be a wonderful big sister to Lilli. Just a couple more days!


Angel said...

Ok that almost made ME cry. ACK! We all know she will always be your baby no matter how many other babies come home. It is so huge though. It's strange for me that we will have a new "baby" soon. What a sweet girl. You give her a big squeeze for me. Just precious. Angel