Monday, February 4, 2008

Tikki Tikki Tembo and School

There were no special sporting events on the television this morning, yet things were still busy at the Judge household! Kids in the shower, kids eating breakfast, kids packing their backpacks and rushing out the door for the bus... on the first day of school!

All 3 of the older kids were up early this morning, showered and dressed and organizing their new supplies neatly in their backpacks. Can't wait to see how things change in as little as 24 hours... they will be begging for 5 extra minutes of sleep, racing out the door hoping that the bus is a few minutes late so they don't miss it!

I have Abby all to myself for 2 days as she starts the adventure known as "formal education" on Thursday... She sure wanted to be out the door with her brothers and sister this morning... but was fine when she realized that I am not going to work anymore! So we are off to the park later and to run some errands.

Yesterday, I completed about 90% of my "left to do before China" list... WOW! I even took Daniel to an "Op Shop" ~ not exactly sure what he was looking for that he thought he could find at a "Good Will" type store... but alas, he did not find it. I; however, found 8 beautiful Chinese salad plates ~ blue and white by Johnson Bros. out of England... for 5$!!! Abby has named them our "Tikki Tikki Tembo" plates because the design looks like the village in this favorite book of ours!
Last night before Daniel went to bed, he did share what he was looking for at the Op Shop... antique Atlanta Hawks "stuff"...hmmmmmmmm... I had to break the sad news that finding Atlanta Hawks stuff in Canberra, Australia is probably NOT going to happen. Sad day for Daniel....

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Tiffany said...

Love the plates! What a great deal!!!! They do resemble the image in the book.
I will email you a letter soon (our Lily was sick all weekend).... thank you again SO much for offering to take a letter to Ty.