Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lilli, Blogs, and Matilda Jane

Over the last year, I have followed many adoption/ family blogs. I have learned a lot ~ about adoption, bonding and attachment, medical conditions, the joy, the sadness, just about everything to do with family life. So many folks are surprisingly open and honest when they write about their experiences and it is such a benefit to those that will follow in their footsteps...

And... it is also just fun! I have learned a lot of plain old fun stuff also! Like where to get the best hair bows... where I want to go on my first vacation when I get back to the US.... and all about Matilda Jane ~ the unpredictable clothing company. I am so "gone" over these amazing children's clothes. I can't get them overseas... so when I return to the US, I am going to host a trunk show and buy everything myself. I'm not even going to invite anyone else... : () )

I have bid on dozens of Matilda Jane things on ebay... I am determined to get a knot dress; however, while I sleep ~ my maximum bid is always surpassed at the last second ~ and by tons of $$$$! It is amazing that these clothes sell for more on ebay than they do brand new!

I was successful in the purchase of one beautiful peasant blouse... it is a size 6 so I figured Abby would wear it first. One look from Abby when I opened the box and I knew she did not share my fascination with the Matilda Jane label... Lilli on the other hand ~ well, her eyes got big and she touched the shirt ever so softly and said "Oh Mommy, it is beautiful". It is now hers! She wore it today and looked way cute!

She asked me to take pictures and send them to Sandy, an Australian lady who meant a lot to Lilli in China. These are the 4 that I sent:

Now don't you all go and bid against me on size 4 and size 6 knot dresses!!! : )


Ellie said...

HA! Lilli's Matilda Jane peasant blouse and her turtleneck matche your blog perfectly! How cute is that??

GGAdventures said...

Yay, you got some MJC!!! Of course Lili looks so darn stinkin' cute! I think Abby would like the knit dresses and shirts. They're super soft, comfy and of course adorable! Probably more up her alley and then they coordinate colors w/ the knot dresses. I'm so happy for you!!! Try some clothes for yourself, too.

Tiffany said...

Love Matilda Jane as you know!
That top looks so beautiful on Lilli!
But she is beautiful no matter what she is wearing!