Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pack Out and New Fashion Finds

The movers came yesterday for a "look see" at all that we will be shipping to the US. Joe will keep enough to survive (comfortably) for a year and we will move everything else. So we are thinking that we will have a little under 10,000lbs for this move. 6 movers will be at our house Monday morning at 8:30 am to begin the chaos that is known as "Pack Out". It should take 3 days to pack and 1 day to load in the wooden crates for shipping. I never like this part of moving... NEVER!

In preparation, we always clean! Clean in the sense that I don't want one thing that is meant for a garbage can to show up on the other side of the move. The kids are working fast and furious in their rooms as I told them they could not be "social" this weekend unless their rooms were ready for packout. They all have way too many plans to be stuck at home cleaning under their beds... so they have been very busy!
Lilli has a new "fashion find" from all the cleaning! She found Joey's wrap that he used on his leg after the cast came off last year. She; however, does not choose to wrap her leg... it is the "IN" in new headwear for Lilli. She has been happily wearing it around the house for 2 days. Of course, I have convinced her to allow me to switch it to a bow when we leave the house... but she is loving this head wrap!

As for Miss Abby, we had her immigration visa medical yesterday. For those in the adoption world reading this... Abby is qualifying for American Citizenship under the 2 year custody overseas rule. Indonesia is a country that did not allow for instant citizenship and as we were never in the US long enough for a readoption, the two year rule was the way the Embassy suggested we go. So, funny enough, I am filling out all the same paperwork for Abby now that I filled out in Guangzhou for Lilli in March. Abby passed her medical with flying colors! We follow up with our Consulate Appointment next week and will receive the "Big Brown Sealed Envelope" that needs to be handed into Immigration when we hit US soil! I am so excited that my girls will become American Citizens together!!!
Other than that... we are all a bit sick! Colds enough for everyone! The whole Judge clan is taking some type of cold medicine. We have so many Kleenex boxes around that the girls are building Kleenex box towers. Too cute!
We had our coldest day yesterday... 4 degrees.... It was very chilly! To think we will all be in summer clothes in about 2 weeks! We are so pasty white... we had better find a pool soon and get some sun!

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