Friday, June 20, 2008

To The Moon and Back....

I'm sure you all know the book. "How much do you love me?" asks the little rabbit. "To the moon and back", replies the mother.
I have read this book to Abby since before she had a clue about what it meant. She always tells me that she loves me to the moon and back ~ 5 times!
Last night I was tucking the girls in and Abby asked for a hug and kiss. Then Lilli asked for a hug and kiss and when I bent down to give her one, she told me that she loved me to the moon and back! Good thing... cause that sent me over the moon!!! Today she has told me about 6 more times... when she woke up, when she got dressed, after lunch, in the car on the way to school to pick up Abby, in the KFC drive thru and tonight at bedtime again! I am a happy mommy!

~ Things I have Learned about Lilli so far ~

1) She loves protein and spinach.... she is a self made Atkins girl... she goes for the protein!!! Chicken and Fish and Lamb and Beef and Pork... she will take it anyway it comes... but "Where's the Beef" should be her catch phrase!

2) She loves stickers. Must have them anywhere she goes. Today at the Post Office, I gave her a piece of packing tape and she was so excited because it was a sticker! Easy to please this girl!!!

3) She must have music! No riding in the car with silence for us anymore... not that we did that often anyway! Lilli tells us which song, how loud, how often... she is the boss of the stereo system in our vehicle. Her favorite songs right now... "Hey There Delilah", "Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me", "I Miss You" by Hannah Montana... Lilli calls this the Sha NaNaNa Song. Seriously, she is musical and can pick up the words to most songs hearing them just a few times. She loves her music!

4) Lilli is the keeper of the flashlights at our house. Don't know where this comes from... but when you need a flashlight, ask Lilli. She knows where each and every one is at all times... and can produce one in the matter of a few seconds. She will let me know when the batteries need changing... because she has had it on too long. She asks for 2 minutes with a flashlight as a "prize" like other kids ask for candy... she has a thing for flashlights! Wonder if I buy a few little ones if they can keep her busy for 14 hours on an International flight from Sydney to Los Angeles???? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it is a thought!

5) She likes Nick Jr and does not understand why we ever turn the TV off or why anyone else would ever want to watch anything else. I hear the shrieks of pain when Daniel and Joey get home from school and immediately switch the TV to ESPN. Watch out future husband... you will have no chance to control the remote with Lilli in the house.

6) If you want to teach someone a foreign language, do it when they are 3! Lilli's big sentence yesterday was, "I like this dress mommy, because it is beautiful and twirly ~ I don't like that one. It is blue and not twirly. " Even her grammar is improving by leaps and bounds. When she talks fast... which she does a lot as the "Princess of TalksAlot"... we still have to listen very carefully; however, the majority of the time, we know just what she is saying and it is good stuff!

7) Lilli is a rules girl and wants everyone following the same rules. If we tell her not to run... everyone that runs is going to get it. Napkins in your lap at dinner... don't even try to take a bite of food before your linen is in your lap... nope, Lilli won't have it. Everything must be exact and even and fair for everyone.... sure wish she ran the world!!! It would be a better place!

8) She is loving and sweet and funny!

9) Crocs are not shoes. They are Crocs. Don't call Lilli's Crocs shoes... you will be corrected. And, Crocs in our house are fine for winter wear... with thick socks. They are her favorite.... usually in a combination of 1 pink and 1 brown. She does love lots of colors.

10) If Lilli does not know you or does not want to know you... nothing you can do will make her acknowledge you. She has the ability to tune anyone out... She does this to strangers that are "drawn" to her everywhere... she looks through them... I wonder if it was a coping mechanism? She is not big on strangers... this is a good thing!

11) Abby loves Lilli! Abby told Lilli for the first time ~ in the bath last night ~ that she loved her. Then she told me... "Mommy, I do love Lilli!"

I could go on for days.... can you tell that I am smitten???? She really is a wonder!

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Ellie said...

wow! you have been busy my blogger friend . . . this little Lilli Wonder - is so YOURS! Matt and I are enjoying that she is the Princess of TalksALot. How cute is that?

Oh, I am missing you already :(

big sigh . . . .