Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Social Butterfly

Holly is my social butterfly ~ always has been! Tonight she celebrated her birthday with 20 of her best friends!

As 20 parents came in between 10:30 and 11:00pm t collect their daughters, they all said the same thing.... "You are very brave to have 20 teenage girls in your house at one time"! As I told them all, these are great girls and it was our pleasure!

The theme of Holly's party was a movie premiere. We wanted to pick a movie that not one of her friends had seen... so we went back to my high school days and selected Can't Buy Me Love. I do believe this was McDreamy's first role... Patrick Dempsey as a teenage nerd in love with the most popular girl in school. It is a cute movie. All of Holly's friends loved it. They made several comments about the clothes and hairstyles... so 80's... but the message still rings true! Don't put people in categories ... nerds, jocks, cheerleaders, smart kids, skaters... they all are great kids! Give each other a chance in High School and you will find out that you are all the same!

After the movie, the girls enjoyed pizza and smores! Smores are not an International delicacy... so Holly had to explain to all of her friends just how to build a smore. After everyone enjoyed this very American sweet, they played a very Australian party game... Pass the Parcel! If you are reading this and have never heard of this game, Google it before your child's next birthday party! It is a great little game!

The girls finished out the night with cake and lots of singing and dancing! They departed with a party bag and a modern version of the "mixed tape". Holly worked pretty hard to produce a CD for everyone with her 15 favorite songs... 15 ~ 4 ~ 15. Fifteen songs for fifteen years.
I think everyone had a great night...

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Ellie said...

so cute :) the party girl and her party favors!

Can you believe how fast they grow up??