Sunday, September 14, 2008

Birthday Abundance

We have 2 birthdays this month. Daniel officially trades his preteen title for true teen status on the 18th and Lilli turns fabulous four on the 23rd!

Daniel opted for an adventure for his birthday present. We will depart for a road trip to Atlanta Saturday morning and catch the evening Braves game! We have field level tickets... near 3rd base... for the Braves vs. the Mets. First pitch is at 7:05.... I am sure Daniel and I will be the first ones in when they open the doors to Turner Field on Saturday afternoon.

We will spend the night in Atlanta, enjoy a yummy breakfast and head back home... just in time for JOE to land at the airport!!! YEAH!!!!

After much thought, Lilli has requested a Dora cake for her birthday. Sounds good to me!

She was surprised yesterday with a box from Grandma Judge and Aunt Diane... filled with birthday surprises! Funny how Lilli knows how to tear into a cardboard box with her name on it! I think that has something to do with the boxes that I sent to China over the year before we traveled!

One very cool item in the box is a stuffed pony .... one that the girls can ride! They are having a blast taking turns "riding" and "leading". Daniel even "tried it on" this afternoon ... but ran away when I took the camera out! Lilli says, "Thank you for my happy birthday" to Grandma Judge and Aunt Diane!

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ellie said...

Happy Birthday Daniel & Lilli! Tia loves Dora too!

I LOVE your blog redo :) You are cracking me up with the way you change your blog . . .

How is the clean up going? Do you have your shipment yet??

Miss you of course!