Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Team Work

We are still living in a mostly empty home. The mold cleanup is in full swing ~ the inside of the house completed and work in the garage well under way. All should be completed this week.
Hopefully our main shipment from Australia will be delivered next week. Until then, the girls are finding fun in the ordinary! Ordinary... such as folding our tablecloth this afternoon!
It takes a lot of effort for 2 tiny little girls to fold a huge table cloth... teamwork, giggles, bossy directions/demands, a rest, and an unfold to try it again (I think it was fine... it was just too much fun not to do it again!) .... and the job is finally done! Finally done after almost an hour of fun!
Notice how horrid my camera is/pictures are! Joe will hand carry the camera back to Australia (under warranty there) for a repair in October... we decided that the very strict customs agents in Australia might charge more for the camera to "arrive" in the country via the mail than the actual repair would cost. Until then... I am going to either have to break down and buy a new camera or live with really bad photos. what to do... what to do.....
GREAT NEWS this week.... We received Lilli's Certificate of US Citizenship! Yeah!
BAD NEWS this week... We received a Green Card allowing Abby to "legally reside" in the US for 5 years. WHAT???? I have called USCIS and of course this is a mistake. They did not even apologize. Gave me an email of the people that will "fix" the problem. That email ended up NOT being the correct office. I have now been given a "mailing address" of the correct office.
Why is dealing with USCIS so difficult? I have met so many Consular agents at many US Embassies and all are great folks! I just don't get it...
I am trying to find a phone number or email to the correct office that needs to "fix" this problem. I am hoping it will be resolved before the expiration of the green card... in 5 years!
In reality, they told me that it can take 45 days to correct any processing mistakes.
As they say in Korea ~ "I-GU" .... I bet you don't need a Korean Dictionary to understand the meaning of that phrase!!!!

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Ellie said...

HOW FRUSTRATING that Abby got a GREEN CARD - WHAT??!!! I can't believe they are being mean to you as well (sound Aussie?:) - they should call me and I will tell them how sweet you are to everyone and deserve to be treated nicely!!

About the camera - bummer - I hope Joe can get it fixed - if you decide to buy a new one I have advice for you. Give those 2 cutie tablecloth folders a big hug for me,

miss you :(