Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nestle and Hershey's Have Tried....

As well as every other major candy company; however Halloween has just not caught on worldwide! Soooooooooo.... when we pulled up to our local pumpkin patch yesterday, it was certainly a first for the youngest two judges!
Smart move for the month was going to the pumpkin patch on opening day ~ way in front of the crowds! Abby and Lilli only had to share all the fun with a few other children... a number that will grow to 4000 per day (we were told) as we get a bit deeper into October. Needless to say, it was hard for them to decide what to do... pet the bunnies, play on the John Deere tractor slide, go through the hay bale maze, run through the pumpkin fields, play in big huge boxes full of corn, roll through the truck bed full of cotton... oh the choices were endless! The two "littles" enjoyed each and every activity! Holly enjoyed the bunnies! I guess you are never too old for bunnies!
We ended the evening with a wheel barrow full of pumpkins for the front porch and an earlier bedtime than normal!
Enjoy the pics...
In the continuing saga of my "camera issue"... please notice how horrid the pictures are! These are from the camera that we purchased for Holly. It was not cheap. It is being returned. Anyone have a camera in the <$250 price range that they recommend... leave me a message please!


ellie said...


I miss the pumpkin patch :( Especially the growth chart :( This made me happy for you and a little sad for me.

Enjoy these little wonders!

Tiffany said...

LOVE the pumpkin patch pictures... they are not bad at all.

Looks like the little judges had a wonderful time.

My hubby has a little Canon Powershot SD850... it is inexpensive and takes nice pictures. It fits in your pocket which is nice. A professional photographer friend of mine also has one (for just quick snapshots) and she loves it as well.