Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Repeat after me.... D ~ O ~ N ~ E ~ DONE!!!!! ... with the movers that is!

As I was typing the last post about the pumpkin patch, the moving truck pulled up with our "found" crate! They unpacked it in a little over an hour and we are DONE!

A total of 5 boxes are missing... but in the scheme of things... we can never forget how blessed we are!

The girls went down for a nap and Joe and I got busy putting a few more things in place... it is all starting to come together. By the time Joe leaves to return to Canberra, we should be pretty settled. I simply need to organize a few curtains, hire a professional to hang a few excruciatingly heavy items on the wall, and finally sit back and relax... as much as a parent of 5 can!

Check out a few new pics from the inside...
Foyer before:

Foyer after:

Looking from office to the dining room across the foyer:

Master before:

Master after:

End of the hallway... I love family photos... can you tell??? : () )

The office... still needs some organizing, but it is now "functional".

... and last but not least, my little Jim Thompson elephant that has been traveling with me for the last 16 years has found his place!


ellie said...


Your HOME is so beautiful! Your things fit in perfectly, as if this is the home meant to be - and built just for you! I love the pictures and feel free to post more!


Tiffany said...

BEAUTIFUL HOME Rebel! Thank you for sharing!
I know you are enjoying it and all of the love you put in to it shows in each photo.

33458 said...

Gorgeous furniture! We're in the process of purchasing new/old things to replace what we left behind and fixing many issues within and around the house, so I suspect I'll be looking at ugly boxes a while longer.