Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Abby and Lilli and Re-adoption

The Adoption Saga continues....

But in a good way as we have reached another milestone... YEP... another milestone and NOT the final milestone... after 5.5 years with Abby and a little over a year with Lilli.  

Today, I received the initial court approval for the Alabama Legitimization of Abby's and Lilli's adoptions.  Basically the Judge has approved our request.  We now have a "court date" on June 8th; however, since it is a "Re-adoption", we will not be present.  We will receive the final court documents in the mail shortly after June 8th.  Our lawyer will then file the paperwork with the State of Alabama Health Department and a few weeks later, we will receive Alabama Birth Certificate for Abby and Lilli with Joe and I listed as their parents.  

This "extra" step was necessary for Abby's name change.  For Lilli not necessary; however, we decided to go forward for both girls as a lost Alabama Birth Certificate will be much easier to replace or reproduce if needed in the future.  I can not even imagine calling China or INDONESIA and trying to get a copy of court/adoption documents.... YIKES!  

So... that is where we stand.  We are so hoping that all will be finished by July... and by August, the girls will have SS# and passports too!  

Maybe by the time they are 18, the adoption phase of our lives will be over ??????? : )  Maybe not?????  : )


DawnS said...

I have been debating about doing this for Rylee, just for that very reason. I would much prefer to replace an Alabama Birth Certificate and I know how many times I have had to get certified copies of my own through the years - I can't imagine trying to get that from China!

Amy in Arizona said...

Yay for being almost done with the paperwork!! We have an Arizona birth certificate (luckily we didn't have to readopt to get it). We took it down to get a SS card and it took a lot of convincing to prove that she was a US citizen. But we FINALLY got her SS card. I think that people get confused because it is an Arizona birth certificate but it states she was born in China. So we are going to get her a passport soon in case we run into any more problems proving her citizenship.