Sunday, May 10, 2009

More Holly

Holly is my "contest girl" - always has been.  She enters everything she can find.  Years ago in Jakarta, she entered a Disney Channel Asia contest... and SHE WON!  The Fed Ex truck pulled up to our apartment one afternoon and off loaded a ton of goodies!  There was even an Xbox and a boogie board and indoor golf set - along with tons more!  You can see the picture.  

She has won odds and ends here and there, enough to keep her going back for more!  

The latest competition entry she is working on is one promoted by teen book author, Sarah Dessen.  Holly has been working all day in hopes to win the prize ( lock and key necklace, USWIM t-shirt, signed advanced copy of a Sarah Dessen book)  on May 14th.  Very cool task I might add.  Holly had to take photos and match them with specific quotes from various Sarah Dessen books.  

You saw them above... I think she did really great!  I think she might win!  .... and don't worry if you don't understand the quotes... I don't... Holly said this was normal as I had not read the books.  

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