Monday, May 18, 2009


I love watching Lilli learn the English language.  As a person who has learned other languages (over a long - very long- period of time) I am simply amazed at the ease at which she has become fluent in her second language and the rate at which she continues to build her massive  vocabulary.  

It is funny on occasions when she comes upon an object that she has not yet learned the correct name.  Funny how she puts other words together to "name" items that are new to her.  

My favorite 2 Lilli-isms of late include:

1)  Sleepy breath....   otherwise known to the native English speaker as the yawn.  I think sleepy breath might be a better name for it.  

2)  Squirrel nut... otherwise listed in Webster's Dictionary as the acorn.  Yet again, I think Lilli's choice is much more to the point.  

Conclusion (on a daily basis) ... Miss Lilli is pretty darn smart and would amaze most scholars studying the acquisition of new languages.  

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