Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wild Cherry Tree GONE

We had the most beautiful wild cherry tree in our back yard... had being the key word in that sentence. Where did it go? Well... a first in my life... lightning stuck on Saturday and this is what is left:

Daniel was peeking out the window when the strike hit. It was so powerful that it sent the top half of the tree sailing straight into the air.  When it came straight down, it lodged into the ground within inches of the trunk.   A huge section of the tree landed in our neighbors yard.  

Tomorrow, "Bob" will be here bright and early to clean up the mess and take down 2 other trees that have me a bit worried after this incident.   NEVER a dull moment around here.  

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Kimberlie said...

I am sorry about your cherry tree! We lost a beautiful apple tree due to straight winds of 85 MPH when we were living in Wisconsin. It was our last apple tree and the fruit was so yummy and sweet. We were so sad to see it go.

I am thankful that no one was hurt and that your house was not damaged though.