Friday, September 10, 2010

And What Do We Look Like After a Day at School....

Did you notice in the earlier post below - before school - how perfect the hair was? How "clean" and "centered" the clothes were? You can't tell... but they smelled good too... a nice mixture of Johnson's Baby Soap and Johnson's Baby Shampoo! : )

Fast forward a few hours... and things change... a.l.o.t.! These two play hard! They have a good time! Can you tell??? The hair ... pretty disheveled... the clothes... can you see the new stains... and how crooked they are now? Can you see the marker lines on Abby's arm... on Lilli's new shirt? Can you smell what I smell??? : ) The sweet scent of baby products is now GONE... LONG GONE! : )

But... they are happy and smiling and ready for a few more pictures! I am only happy to oblige!

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Ellie said...

these are really cute pictures!!! and I love the glimpses of your gorgeous house! That photo of Abby is super duper great!