Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Rough Go of It...

My kids span the ages... 5 to 18. The oldest started University this year, the youngest - kindergarten. They are all doing fabulous... but me... not so much.

I have raised my children much like a mother duck.... all my ducklings in a row... right by my side. Doing things - preferably - as a unit. So, I am having a rough go of it right now.

Joey has transitioned beautifully to the life of an independent college student. He seems like a pro at this. Holly - busy senior. She has a million clubs, activities, friends, and work. She is most happy when she is busy... and she is happily a very busy girl right now.

Our dinner table - now- often has an empty chair or two or three. I know I can't stop or reverse (oh how I would like to find a magic lamp right about now!!!) time, but I sure do miss that feeling of complete security and "wholeness" that only comes when my family is all in the same room.

Oh well - better get used to it all as things will be changing again shortly when Holly departs next fall.... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

****Heads up to everyone with a soon to be college student... preferred method of communication - texting! Yikes! I have had more texts in the last month than I have had in my entire time owning a handphone (cell)! ****

Side note... the music that I have added to my blog for now - is Indonesian Pop Music. Abby loves to listen to "her" music... I was delighted to find that the pop player had a few of her (i'm sure influenced by her mommy's love of Indo pop too!) favorites. Sadly - they did not have Rosa - another favorite... possibly the most favorite!


The Little Family said...

Oh Rebel!! I'm dreading this already! Jack talks about going off to college all the time. I'll have to face Jack moving out. WAAA. But Savannah will always be with me, and I'll have a big gap before it's William's turn. Thank goodness!

Go text your boy!!



Ellie said...

Rebel, You are making me sad! I cannot imagine how difficult this stage is!!!

Enjoy this year with Holly still home, when she has time!! I bet you are so thankful that Joey is home with your little girls for a few more years!

We will have to get together before too long!