Friday, September 10, 2010

Disco Olives ?????????

I interrupt my sadness to replace it with some cuteness....

Today is fall picture day at school. The girls were up and "practicing" their smiles when I went into the bedroom this morning! Silly girls!!!

Lilli's only preference - pigtails. Done. Abby... just wanted to take some blue-jeans and a t-shirt to change after the picture! : ) Love my casual girl!

Once dressed, both were twirling away in their "disco olive batilda jane" clothes. Hmmmmm... "disco olive".... what??? Abby and Lilli name all of their clothes - seriously - and they picked this name for their new fall Matilda Jane outfits because of one of the fabrics... ok... I get it.... but still... how do they know about disco???

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Ellie said...

oh so funny :) I'm a bit jealous that you have 2 little girls. It must be silliness non-stop! They both look beautiful - and I cannot believe how long Lilli's hair is?!

Have a great day!