Monday, September 20, 2010

Monkey Bars-2 Lilli -0

After one week in kindergarten, I had to ask (demand) that Lilli stay off the monkey bars for a bit. Her hands were covered in blisters. Remember... this one plays hard! : )
So - she (unhappily) obliged.

Fast forward a few weeks - on the afternoon before Joe and I were leaving for a long weekend away - nanny and papa were ready to take over the "easy" care of the Judge household - kids and animals included. The school called. That call resulted in a trip to the emergency room and 4 stitches.

You see... Lilli has fallen from.... the monkey bars. My mother and I raced to the school to pick her up, where she was sitting quietly (with a smile) in the nurses office waiting. First thing Ms. Lilli said to me, "Mom, look no blisters, I promise!"! She did not seem to notice her face covered in blood!

Joe met me at the emergency room... I am not so good with the whole blood and medical thing. Best let Joe handle as much of that as possible... I would only add more stress to the situation. The stitches were done and Lilli was quite impressed with the doctor and the ease of his sewing technique - described in great detail to me a few hours later. But even more so... Lilli was impressed with the nurse who gave her a popsicle... color of her choice!

Lilli returned to school this morning... last thing I said as she jumped out of the car - ready for the fun day ahead... "STAY AWAY from the monkey bars dear!"!


Ellie said...

oh bummer :( that pretty little face won't be harmed by those silly stitches - but still!

We just (as in walked in the door just now) did a few rounds on the monkey bars as I was feeling delinquent in that area - so at least Lily's sequencing - right/left brain work is going well!

The Little Family said...


She's still beautiful, even with the stitches!!