Friday, June 3, 2011

... and the Force Will Be With Abby

The latest "find" for Abby's room:

I found the nicest artist (and ( I think) stay at home mom) from Georgia who does digital art and she agreed to do a special order for Abby's room... Abby's love of St@r Wars combined with the perfect colors for her new room.  The 4 striped prints will be framed and hung in a row above a big Indonesian bench against one of the walls.  Abby calls it her comfy reading spot.  The larger solid gray print is much bigger and will be hung separately. These two (below) small guys will be framed and sit on her night stand.  : ) She will be surrounded by the force!  ; )  ... and they are all so cute that even I think they make the perfect decor for Abby's new room!

If anyone needs a little artwork done... let me know and I will give you the contact information for the artist.  And... don't worry about breaking the bank... the price for this "commissioned" art.... pretty darn cheap if you ask me!  And the fact that Abby was able to give her input... if she wanted purple stripes or circles... or all purple or all gray... and she picked out all the sayings with the characters.  She is so excited about this project... priceless!  : )

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