Friday, November 7, 2008

Budding Artist

This is Lilli's picture from school today. It is Lilli (upside down) and me... with buttons on my shirt. All the squiggles... well, Lilli tells me that is "cursive" writing and it says "Mommy has friends and goes to the store to buy things and it is her birthday soon".
I love how she has really "emphasized" her bangs as she told me this morning... they NEED to be cut!
She is now drawing a family photo on the back of this picture with one additional person in the picture... Santa!!!
Obviously, even the littlest Judge has embraced the holiday spirit weeks and weeks early! I can't wait for our first Christmas as a family of seven!

1 comment:

ellie said...

oh I love this picture :) I sooooooooo wish I had a chance to meet your little Lilli :) maybe next summer when we are in the US??

Give both your littles a big hug from me (and Elijah & Tia!)