Thursday, November 20, 2008

"The Winch" by "Dr. Phil"

The boys had "called" the televisions last night for NBA. Fine with me... not much to see anyway until 9pm when Top Chef came on. Anyway, I was on the computer and called the girls in to watch some Christmas shorts on YouTube.
We enjoyed some classics like "Rudolf" and "Frosty" and "Little Drummer Boy". The girls were LOVING the short videos... and were begging for more. Holly walked through the computer room and suggested "The Grinch". Cool I thought.... Well, I do believe "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch" was a bit much for one of my littles! Lilli informed me that, "I am not scared of the Winch mommy, he is in the puter"... Abby on the other hand was both fascinated and frightened by this green creature who made his debut into her life last night thanks to her mom and sister. Interesting how she was a bit frightened but intrigued... asking a million questions.

She woke up this morning and the first thing out of her mouth was a question about how big the Grinch was. Oh so small... he lives on a mountain outside of Whoville... and we know from Horton Hears a Who (the first movie we took Lilli to go see) that Whoville is so small - it fits on a dandelion! This has made Abby feel much better!
I also explained to her that "The Grinch" is a story and cartoon that was made up by the same person who wrote "Sam I Am"... which is one of her favorite books! "Oh... The Grinch was written by Dr. Phil" she asked. Cracked me up.... Where in the world did she get Dr. Phil instead of Dr. Suess... I don't watch that show! Come to find out, the lady that cared for Abby in Australia watched Dr. Phil quite regularly while the kids were supposed to be napping... or so Abby tells me!

Top of my shopping list for tomorrow is the DVD "The Grinch". I promised Abby that the Grinch's heart grows and grows with the help of Cindy Lou Who and we will watch the video for her to see the happy ending! Lilli wants to watch "The Winch" too!

Funny how little things turn into such BIG things!
Finally.... Abby has decided she wants to be Cindy Lou Who for Halloween next year... anyone have any idea who sells this sought after costume?????

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