Monday, June 20, 2011

City Museum... AMAZING!!!

Another adventure that our Xi'an Group had was the City Museum in St. Louis.... and what an adventure it was!  This has to be the "coolest" place for kids that I have ever been!  Seriously... it is made out of junk.... in an old industrial building.  How can one man just come up with such a fascinating concept? ... and call me crazy (or a few other things) but,  I wonder what his insurance bill is???

Abby and Lilli are sure glad he did!

Aunty Sandy wins the prize for furthest traveled to the Xi'an Reunion.... all the way from China via Sydney!   
Where are the pretty primary colors?  

This is the slide - from the 10th floor to the 4th floor... Abby and Lilli and Elizabeth jumped right in...
Me... not so much!  It was much darker... I lightened up this picture so we could see what it looked like... the girls thought it was awesome... while I was looking for an elevator!  

Their favorite was the "skateless" skate park.... all the ramps with none of the wheels!  Look at Lilli's expression....she was hard at play!  

Abby taking a break for a picture!  Her and Lilli loved running and climbing and did it for hours!  


I even make industrial look cute!  

If I stay on 8 seconds do I win?  


What is this mom?  

Another slide... from the 4th floor to the 1st floor.... those colorful things are old shock absorbers!  

Can I go again?  Abby and Lilli went up and down this slide at least a dozen times!  

That is BRAVE Lilli climbing all by herself... on the roof of the 12 story industrial building.... NOT scared at all!  

Yet another slide... very straight angle!  

Oh yeah!  

Oh no....
Not really.... they went up and down this one many times while mom took a break and had a coffee!  

I told you it was cool!  ...and scary!  I should have found this place when I was a much younger mother and my bones and joints cooperated more fully!  

I was so slow... compared to my NOT scared and very fast children!   
My knight and damsel in distress!  
Thanks again Colleen for planning such an amazing day!  I am sure everyone had just as much fun as we did!

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Sandy said...

Oh.... so fun seeing these!!!
Can you send me the pics please???
Elizabeth was fine after you left... but Im soooooo glad that the girls reconnected & will be able to stay in touch now!
It was one of the highlights of the weekend seeing the kids connect with each other! & connect again myself!!
Give the girls a BIG hug from me please!!!