Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Daniel... Very Happy Daniel

Daniel's Best .... so far!   4lb 9oz Largemouth.... caught on a cricket!  

One of Many....
Best Bluegill from the 17th

The 6th was a good day on the water!  

What is that in your right hand Papa?  Looks like bait to me!  : ) 

A Keeper!  
The picture above is from 3 years ago - the first summer that Daniel joined his Uncle and Papa in a true summer of fishing!  

"Double" Catch for Papa and Daniel!  

Large Mouth Bass
Uncle Jeff with a 6lb Bowfin... Papa fishin' in the background....
Hitting the Limit Every Single Day!

1 comment:

Ellie said...

however Mommy is a bit sad I bet! Jonah will be super jealous!!!

What about Pigeon Forks (falls? or whatever it is called?) Sometime in July work for you??

That Abby girl is gonna have one amazing bedroom! love the artwork!

xo ellie