Monday, June 20, 2011

Holly's 18th Birthday "Present"

Since moving so close Nashville( ok... not soooooo close, but close enough) , It has been Holly's desire to attend the Country Music Awards.  Well.... it took nearly 3 years, but for her 18th Birthday.... she got just what she wanted!  Holly and I attended the 2011 CMT Awards last week.... sweet!

We were entertained by so many singers/groups!  I LOVED R@scal Flatts!  Holly loved it all!  Holly has some varied (seriously varied) musical interests.... she was thrilled when J@son Aldean was joined on stage by Lud@cris!  Lucky for her... because I don't think I would have ever taken her to see his concert!  But that said... it was one of many great musical moments!  And the best part... Holly was in the same building as Justin Beib@r!!!  

Hope you had a blast Holly Girl!!!  

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Ellie said...

You're such a cool mom!

Happy Belated 18th Birthday Holly!