Monday, June 20, 2011

Magic House

I took a lot.... more like a ton... of photos at Lilli's recent Xi'an Reunion.  I am still trying to make my way through the pictures.

Until I get those all sorted, I will share a handful of photos from the Magic House - a really cool hands on kids' museum in St. Louis.  Lilli, Abby, and I had a lovely picnic with all the families and children that were in St. Louis for the reunion at lunchtime on Sunday and then we made our way to South Kirkwood Road for a little more fun!

The girls loved it... and even better - When I asked about a military discount... they had one - free!  You can't get better "bang for your buck" than that!


A Future Engineers' Mind at Work....

Ah.... Teamwork!  : )

Really Mom... I can touch the tv?  You are not worried about fingerprints?  

Hello, this is Colonel Lilli, Do you want to speak to General Abby?  What happened to being President???  Guess they would rather follow in their Daddy's footsteps!  

Abby read from a book of Presidential Speeches... she is such a great reader!  

Now if you could only learn how to do that for real... you could save this 4 car family a ton of money!  

They did not have anything like this when mommy was little!  

Time for a snack!  

Even the snack was hands on!  

... and delicious!  

Water - always fun!  

Mom, can I get one of these when I turn 16?

Can we keep him?  


Ellie said...

ahh. you are making me sad :( We moved to Australia from St. Louis after living there for 13 years.

Cute photos - can't wait to see more!

xo ellie

Sandy said...

Ellie... I think you need to make a City Museum in Oz!!! In Sydney please so I can go... (Im from there!), but seeing these I wish we had gone here as well!!! So many fun places to see in St Louey!