Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In Black and White....

In Black and White - they are so similar....

In full color ~ not so much....

Abby is "muted",
wants to blend in,
thinks before she speaks,
loves to read,
has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor (like her big brother joey),
asks for permission,
wakes up grumpy,
likes the purple and red popsicles,
likes to color outside the lines,
wants to be good - really good at one thing,
would wear a sweater vest (yes... sweater vest) to school everyday if I let her,
wants a simple "clippie" in her hair everyday,
groans when asked to apply lip balm,
takes her lunch to school everyday (pretty much the same food everyday),
Is perfectly fine being alone,
prefers inside to outside,
talks about buying a house on our block when she is a grown up,
wants to drive a blue mini cooper when she is 16,
plays with l@ggos and st@r w@rs things,
 often pretends to be a storm trooper or knight,
would walk a mile for a donut.

Lilli is "bright" ,
wants to stand out,
blurts out whatever she is thinking,
loves math,
has a silly sense of humor,
asks for forgiveness ; ),
wakes up happy,
likes the orange and green popsicles,
likes to color inside the lines,
wants to try everything - who cares is you are good as long as you are having fun,
would wear a silk or satin dress (the more lace and frills the better)  to school everyday if I let her,
wants her hair a new and exciting way every day, preferably with a huge flower , feather and even a little glitter,
pretends lip balm is the most luxurious lipstick ever made and applies with gusto in front of a mirror if possible,
eats at school everyday (loves the variety).
does not like being alone (being with the puppies outside counts as not being alone in her book),
will follow her sister anywhere,
prefers outside to inside - rain, snow, or shine, (this is my mud pie girl)
talks about living everywhere (maybe even China for a while) when she is older,
wants to drive a red (or pink) mini cooper when she is 16,
plays with dolls and stuffed animals,
often pretends to be a princess or fairy,
would walk a mile for a cucumber.  

But... they do have one major similarity -  they both love like there is no tomorrow!  
We are blessed beyond words - every-single-day - by these two very different little girls!  


Ellie said...

And they are both sweet! Adorable and oh so beautiful! I LOVE their outfits! I wanted that dress Lilli is wearing for Tia but she chose a differ t one. Both girls look adorable in their new MJ. It was fun to read about them - I've been thinking I need to do a little update of each of my 4 like this.

Miss you my sweet friend,

xo ellie

Sandy said...

love this post!!!!!
Both are just as precious!!!!