Friday, September 2, 2011

Just a Few More Updates....

Shortly after getting Joey and Holly settled, school started for the littles and Daniel.  Abby and Lilli were so excited for the first day.  I am sure Daniel was a tad bit nervous his first day of High School - but he did not show it.  He did; however, show his unhappiness about having to ride the bus this year - he is missing Holly (and her car and school parking permit) already!  Next year Daniel... next year!

Always smiling and ready!  

So excited about the bus.... and her
new 2nd grader messenger bag!  

Daniel looks as he is off to prison instead of
school.  Can you say "forced" to pose?  haha!  

Shortly after school started, Daniel ended up with this:

Basketball season starts in a few months... Right Handed Point Guard???  Hmmmmmm??? 

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