Wednesday, September 14, 2011

She Can Make Me Smile from Hundreds of Miles Away

I am ashamed to admit (not really) that I "check on" my two older kids via their twitter accounts on occasion.  They think I am delving into every detail of their lives... when to be honest.... I simply know that they are "ok" if they have recently tweeted. I will also admit that the number of tweets that I understand is a very low percentile. That being said, I have been known to call my children out on occasion only to have a "oh/oopps/sorry" moment shortly there after.   But mostly, I check and move on... as in ... last tweet 7 minutes ago - good - they are fine.

This morning, Holly made me smile with her "twit pic":

She is in calculus (mostly forced by me to take such a hmmmm "basic" (only in her book) math class).   So I had to chuckle at her note book... and how she entertains herself  - as we all know calculus is just so darn easy and who would ever have to pay full attention in class?? !!.   ; )

Hey Holly..... Rawr!  ... and what is dinosaur for I miss you more than words can say???


Ellie said...

So cute. Of both of you! I love that you stalk your grown up kis (kidding!)

Someday I'm going to figur out what a tweet is!

Xo ellie

Ellie said...

Ok I cannot type on this iPad! That would be kids not kis :) and figure. - of course!