Friday, September 2, 2011

Switching It Up a Bit

Daniel has been sharing a jack-n-jill bathroom with his little sisters for nearly three years.  For the girls - great! - for Daniel - not so much!  So.... we recently shuffled (and redecorated) bedrooms for Daniel and Abby.

Daniel moved into Holly's old bedroom, which meant I had to strip the funky wallpaper that we "inherited" with the purchase of the home and de-yellow the bedroom and rid it of it's chandelier.  I feel bad as these were all the things that Holly had wanted when she was in the room, but we (as in I) never quite got around to it.... Sorry Holly!  But Daniel was insistent that he could not live with "old lady" wallpaper in the bathroom and yellow walls and certainly not a chandelier.  So.... I finally got busy.... and this is Daniel's room now.... 

A nice Hawks, Braves inspired room.
We have replaced the chandelier with a modern black and metal ceiling fan also.
  Please excuse the photo quality - it was taken with my phone.
I hope it was worth the month that you spent on a mattress on the floor of the sunroom Daniel!  
Daniel gave up his twin bed - awwwhhhhh... and will keep Holly's queen size furniture until she moves from the dorm into an apartment.  Hopefully that will be a while!  : )

Abby also has a new "abode".  She moved into Daniel's old room.  I have blogged a bit about what she was looking for in room decor - grey, purple, St@r W@rs, and Furman University.  So here it is.... again  don't mind the picture quality as it was taken with my phone.... I have been lazy to charge my camera... I know, SAD.  

Included in Abby's room is a Javanese Bench and a Batik (hanging over her bed) from Yogyakarta.
My camera is now charging... and I will add more photos soon...  to show the details.  
My family is teasing me as it seems I am on a "gray kick".  Daniel's room is a really light crisp cool gray that looks so great with the bright white glossy molding and Abby's is more of a stormy gray.  Joe painted her ceiling a really great shade of warm lavender.... it looks amazing (if I don't say so myself).  
I keep telling my family that gray is the new beige.... they don't believe me!  ; )  

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Ellie said...


Grey IS the new beige - and my foyer , family room and hallways are gre, soon the library and Jonah's room will follow!

Abby's colors are so pretty, I love the ruffled curtain (anthro?)

Love ya,