Friday, March 21, 2008

Finding Their Way to Friendship

Each day that passes, the "littles" are finding their way closer to accepting each other. It is much easier for the "oldies" as they understand that an addition to the family in no way jeopardizes their "spot"! The little ones have to learn this over time... We have had a ton of fun this week and each day brings new adventures!

I think it is too funny that Abby tattles on Lilli and Lilli tattles on Abby... in Mandarin! Abby's favorite thing to tattle about is when Lilli slips up and calls me "Ayi" instead of "Momma"! Lilli understands and will quickly correct herself with a "Sorry Momma"! I think Lilli tattled on Abby today for making a face and wearing dirty socks!

All in all, We are amazed at how wonderful Lilli is doing. She is such a funny little girl! She is beautiful and charming and we feel so fortunate to call her our daughter!

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