Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Believe My Kids Snack on Batteries

I buy batteries every time I go to the store... and still, I have no batteries for my camera or my television remote when I need them! Where do they go? I have decided that my kids either snack on them after I go to bed, or I have a huge rat that is lining her nest with Duracell and EverReady products from my battery drawer!!!

I want to take a picture and post so bad... but my camera is out of operation... because I have no batteries!!!!! Lilli looks so cute... the proud owner of a new "do"!!! We went to the salon (I really typed beauty parlor first... then backspaced because it seemed too old fashion...too "Steal Magnolias!!!) and Abby received a little trim for her bangs only... and Lilli received a full service style! Her hair is beautiful and thick - but had a massive amount of layers on the bottom. The stylist simply cleaned up the back and added a few bangs as Lilli's hand is constantly on her forehead sweeping the hair out of her face.

I must go get batteries NOW so I can share how precious Miss Lilli looks with her new style!

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Angel said...

Awwww MAN! I feel your PAIN! It's ridiculous. Why are there never batteries? It's on my list of things to buy tomorrow... AGAIN.
:0) Angel