Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'm Back from the Black Hole!

I'm Back!  I am in Singapore and there is no blogspot black hole anymore!!!  YEAH!

I was able to check blogs once I arrived in Guangzhou... could not even get on a web proxy address from Xian.  

Thanks to everyone for taking an extra step to follow our journey by going to my baby jellybeans site!  For anyone going to China soon...  this is the way to go!  I NEVER had one second of trouble accessing my tolovelilli site - from any city at any time while in China.  It was easy as pie to update.  

We have one night in Singapore.  We are hanging out on Orchard Road... just had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe!  We had Fajitas... they were great!!!   We are al in our PJs now and ready for an early night as we were up at 4am this morning.  

Our flight home is an overnight flight... we depart Singapore at 8:30pm which is 11:30pm Canberra time... and arrive around 6:30am.  Lil has been so good on all the flights we have had so far... I think she might sleep during this entire flight... she does like her beauty sleep!  

She is putting a puzzle together - right next to me... way good with her hands and her mind!  She is a smart and witty girl!  Can't wait for her brothers and sisters to meet her!  


Tiffany said...

I loved the ballet post on your other site! It was so much fun following your journey! Thank you for sharing it.... the good and the bad!
My hubby left for China today.... he should be there 4pm China time and 4am our time.
Hope your journey home was full of sleep in the air and a wonderful homecoming with your family!

Michele said...

Rebel, I am so glad to be able to follow your journey! Lilli is totally adorable! I can not wait to see how she integrates into your family.