Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our "Normal" Night

Who needs anything else when you have this:

This is our normal night... American Idol is on in the background while the girls play ~ Joe and I begging them to be careful and not hurt themselves! They are both rough and tumble kind of girls!
I feel guilty that the "biggies" aren't in the pictures! But guess what... as they grow up, they find their need and desire to be under mom and dad's feet (and watchful eyes) growing smaller and smaller! One was in the garage lifting weights, one was doing homework on the computer, and one was reading a book in another room ~ these two being a bit too loud for close by book reading!
Side note... We were so sad that Chekezie (have no idea how to spell that) was voted off AI tonight... he was really cool! We all liked him ~ he was Daniel's favorite!!!
Everyone is tucked in and "sawing logs" ... I should be too! Good night!


Angel said...

They are SOOO adorable!! What a pair of cuties. :0) Angel

Ellie said...

too cute :) I'm a bit jealous of the matching outfits . . . . Chickeezie (even worse spelling!)seems to be a nice guy! I'm watching too!