Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The One on The Journey with Me

I have 4 children in school and 1 taking a nap. I was sitting in my big chair with my feet up thinking... and I decided to post about a very important person that I don't usually post about!

He will probably read this and insist I take it down, but for now... It will be posted for the world to see!

I am about to have a birthday (I don't want to... but I can't stop it!!!) ... which usually at my age, means reflection. My life, so far, has been an amazing journey ~ more than I ever dreamed! Not every second has been easy... but I do treasure every second as it took each and every one to get me to this point!

Some of my life just happens... and some (most??? all???) is a choice. I am amazed everyday that there is one person who has chosen to make the journey with me for over 20 years now... that would be Joe! Now I am telling you that I can come up with some crazy ideas; however, Joe never really bats an eye... he just lets me go, assures that I do not fall and checks that all the legalities are covered! : () )
I won't say that either of us are perfect, but we are a perfect fit! I am blessed to have such a partner in life... and such a great father for our children!

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Angel said...

Precious. I am so grateful for good men in our world. I have a partner I am thankful for every day. What a blessing to have that. Angel