Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Girl

We are working on a new path as a family of seven with two toddlers! What fun...

Lilli is such a cutie and very easy going the majority of the time. I need to work on not letting her get too tired ~ she is a cranky pants if she gets too tired! She loves her sleep... at least 10 hours at night and a good 2 hour afternoon nap!

She is so enjoying all the new experiences... but refuses most new food! She is a protein girl... opting to fill up on eggs, chicken, meat loaf, steak... protein only! She told me yesterday that my Kraft Mac-N-Cheese (that I love so much... I am such a kid!!!) smelled bad! Yes... she told me it smelled bad! Fine... I just ate her portion and gave her some rice with her chicken! : )


Ellie said...

Go Lilli! I agree, that stuff smells BAD! I can't wait to meet Miss Lilli - It is good to see you posting again but boy it is busy once you get home isn't it?

Riky said...


Tyler HATES mac and cheese too!! So funny~

Lilli is adorable!!