Monday, August 25, 2008

Full Circle Moment... I Do Believe....

The boys and my dad worked very hard this weekend cleaning the playground in our backyard... definitely a HUGE BONUS with the house! Before we moved in, the spiders and ants took up residence in the slide along with a few other critters and a lot of dirt.

With all the low hanging branches removed by the lawn service folks last week, the only thing needed was some serious elbow grease. So... armed with some bleach, a pressure washer, a scrub brush, and some muscle... the work began. You can see the before and after pics above. I have special ordered some new shade "thingys"... what do you call those???... and when I install them the playground will be good as new! The boys did a GREAT job!!!!

The hard work was completed yesterday evening, but the play set was way too wet to enjoy. The girls woke up extra early this morning and headed straight to the backyard. They were loving their "park". They have decided to name it... as all parks have names Abby tells me. What did they name it... Luna Park. Named after a very fun old fashioned theme park in Sydney, Australia.

They played for hours. As I called them in to take a bath and get ready for the day, Lilli informed me with sheer joy that she had seen the most beautiful ladybug with huge black spots. Full Circle Moment... I do believe!!!


Ellie said...

these little wonders :) such a beautiful ladybug too!

Your Luna Park looks like such fun . . . . and I will always think of our fun day at the Sydney Luna Park when I see it in your photos :)

Michelle said...

Oh man, I want to come spend the day at your Luna Park. It looks like so much fun!