Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Household Shipment has Finally left Australia

After over one month of sitting at an Australian Air Force Base North of Sydney in a town called Richmond, our household goods have finally been loaded on a plane bound for the US of A! YEAH! We will be surrounded by our things soon! I am so excited... but that does not mean I won't make a post when it all arrives wishing we did not own so much junk that I had to find a "home" for in our new "home"!!!

Until then, we live in a almost empty home with the exception of the few items we were able to salvage from the storage shipment that was a mess and some odds and ends that I have purchased because we could not live without them! hehehehe! My mom made a comment last night that the kitchen almost looks like someone actually lives in the home!

Here are a few pics... notice we are ready for Halloween... a bit early! Could not pass up the cute pumpkins and sweet witch! And seeing as we only have a few things... they are not going in a closet until next month! So... Happy Halloween a bit early from the Judge Family!

Also in the pictures... Daniel's bedroom... we managed to save his beds and dresser from the storage shipment. There is a bit of damage on the dresser, but a good wood worker should be able to fix that right up! The girls are sitting on their mattresses... soon their room will be beautiful and pink!

My kitchen table set was missing two chairs when it arrived and the seats were covered in mildew. So... I just recovered the seats really quick (still actually missing a few screws) and added a few inexpensive stools to the ends to give us enough seating for now. What was crazy is the hutch that is in the breakfast area that matches the table and chairs arrived with no legs. Seriously... no legs anywhere in the shipment. I was crushed as this piece, although not worth much monetarily, is worth millions in sentimental value as it is one of the first pieces of furniture that Joe and I ever purchased together. Anyway... the day after the storage arrived.... and many tear later (most about the hutch legs) I received a phone call from Miami, Florida. The gentleman on the phone asked if I was missing 4 table legs. I actually started to say no and hang up... what kind of crazy was calling me?????... then I realized what he was saying! The moving company had delivered my legs to him by mistake... all the way from Delaware! How did they get to Miami instead of Alabama? Who knows.... All I know is the nice man wrapped them up, put them in a box, and shipped them to me that same day. So... our hutch is intact... legs and all!

The laundry room is actually my favorite room in the house at the moment! Funny how exciting it was for me to pick out a new washer and dryer! You see... long ago, Joe came with a washer and dryer when I married him. Since then, we have been under the care of many US Embassies that also come with appliances specific to the countries that we were living in! This is really my very first washer and dryer... and that was very exciting to me! These Samsung beauties make doing laundry for a family of seven fun fun fun! Not really... but it is very simple now and not time consuming at all!

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Ellie said...


I was just checking and not expecting another post so soon - but YEAH! I'm so glad your shipment is finally on its way - you better get that painting done now because it will be so much harder when your shipment arrives! You have a LOT of beautiful furniture that will arrive home soon :) I can't wait for that post!!!