Monday, August 25, 2008

Without a Playroom FULL of Toys...

What do little ones do without an entire playroom full of toys? They use their imaginations!

They make believe that the top and bottom of a puzzle box are princess crowns and then Broadway hats! pictures aren't looking so good these days. Waahhhhhhhh! My camera broke... the same shutter problem that I just paid nearly 300$ to fix a few months back. Wahhhhhhhhh! Joe is going to take the camera back to Australia with him after his visit next month and attempt to have it repaired again by the same folks under the warranty of the repair. I can't believe that I paid so much to have it repaired by SONY and not just any camera shop! Obviously it wasn't repaired properly.

I might be camera shopping pretty soon... any suggestions, leave me a message in the comments below!

PS... What does a mom do when the kids are all asleep and her hubby is on the other side of the world and the house is empty.... join NETFLIX!!!

What have Joe and I been missing out on while living on the other side of the world for so long????? I am the queen of late charges... last time we lived in the USA, our local blockbuster added a wing and named it after me! NO MORE! I think this is such a brilliant idea! It is amazing how fast the turn around is on DVDs. Our local ship center is in Birmingham. The turnaround is literally 3 days. I mail a DVD back on Monday. They receive it on Tuesday morning and the Post Lady is placing a new movie in my mailbox on Wednesday afternoon... just in time for the littles' nap time! I am catching up on all the Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Lost, Army Wives, Lipstick Jungle, etc etc that I missed out during the last few years!

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Ellie said...

The girls look they are having a blast!

I want Netflix! wahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!