Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mutual Influence

Abby is teaching Lilli many many new things! It is cool to watch as they interact and Lilli shadows her big sister (by 8 months). But... the influence is a two way street with these two!
Lilli is also teaching Abby a few things. Among those is to be brave and a bit more adventurous and... drum roll.... twirly twirly dresses are pretty cool after all!

To be completely honest; in the beginning it was clear that the "idea of Lilli" was much better for Abby than the "reality of Lilli". Over the last 5 months, that is no longer a true statement. The girls are amazing together!


Ellie said...

Beautiful girls & beautiful house :)

How great that they are truly sisters now . . . you must feel incredibly blessed.

Hugs :)

Karrie said...

Amazing together... AND GORGEOUS!!!
What happy little sprites!!!
They look like they are having fun getting to know their new home.
You certainly are a lucky Momma!

GGAdventures said...

Beautiful! Love the house. LOVE the fact the girls are getting closer. We're also experiencing more of a bond between the girls. Isn't it just so amazing! Glad Abby's liking dresses now. :)

Michelle said...

Lovely, simply lovely.

You are a lucky lady!