Tuesday, August 5, 2008

You Know its Bad When....

... the government sends a representative to your home 30 minutes before the movers arrive to prepare you for what you are about to see. This is what happened to me this past Thursday.

Our "Storage Shipment" that has been packed away and in the hands of the government since we departed the US many many years ago was due to be delivered to the house on Thursday morning. It didn't arrive and when I called, I knew something was "up". I demanded that it be delivered ~ even if they had to do it at midnight. I fussed, I cried, I threatened, and I begged... and finally I was told, "OK, this afternoon at 3:00pm". At 2:30, the government inspector knocked on my door. He was shaking his head as I answered the door. He proceeded to tell me that he was informed that our shipment was nearly a 100% loss. There had been a flood and a building collapse... where? when? how? I was never told. I was just told to prepare myself.

Joe and I thought we were "ahead". Our storage shipment contained the 3 older kids' bedroom sets ~ all pretty darn new upon going into storage. Our kitchen table, chairs, and hutch and a few beautiful rosewood pieces that we had custom made in Thailand to pass to Joey and Holly one day as a reminder of their birth country ~ we thought we were ahead.

I tried to be tough ~ it is of course only things... all of which can be replaced. But I cried ~ to Joe over long distance ~ to my parents ~ to the kids ~ and to the poor inspector that was looking desperately for a way out of my house! : () )

So the trucks pulled up and yes... our shipment was in no way close to what it was when I signed the original papers and watched the movers load it onto the truck in early 2000. 63 boxes are missing... what is left is in disarray.

It will take a month or more for me to go piece by piece and fill out the paperwork necessary for the government to offer me 20% of the depreciated value of my memories... the table and chairs that was the first major purchase that Joe and I made together... Daniel's high chair... Holly's barbie car... pictures... etc etc. I am sad.


Tomorrow is August 6th and Daniel and I will leave the house at 7am sharp to make sure he is not late for the first day of school. We attended open house for all the new 7th graders and he feels pretty good... but he is still a bit nervous! Understandable as I would be crazy nervous!

The older kids must wait until we are called by the High School Counselor to set up their schedules. We should receive the call in the next few days and they should start school no later than Monday.

We are all impressed with how nice and helpful all the staff at the local schools have been. Alabama is a bit "odd" with the necessary paperwork for school enrollment... but luckily with a few emails, a lot of good information, a fed ex package or 2, a few prayers, and lots of running around we finally met all requirements for enrollment this afternoon. YIKES! Talk about cutting it close! : () )

I need to close for now and go to bed as we will start very early in the morning! Cheers!


Ellie said...


I'm so sorry about your shipment :( I've been thinking about and praying for you as you make these adjustments - I miss you! I will look forward to updates as the kids start school and you get more involved in your new community.

missing you . . . .


Tiffany said...

Oh Rebel... I am so sorry to hear about your shipment. I know the items are only things but it doesn't make it any easier. When you have memories attached to things it makes it even harder.

Blessings to all of you as school starts and you get settled into your home and new surroundings!

Anne Little said...


WWAAAAAA!!!!!! I can't believe you're things are gone or damaged! I am so sorry, sweetie! Go get yourself a Chick-fil-a!

Focus on the positive...... DECORATING .... FROM SCRATCH!! Now, that WILL be fun! :)

I'm glad you have internet. I've missed your posts!! I need my fix of pictures of your girls. :)