Saturday, August 9, 2008

Taking a Moment to Enjoy the Backyard

The older kids are all in school now. All 3 came home with smiles on their faces and lots of stories to tell yesterday afternoon. I am one relieved mother ~ that they are starting a routine and have had a great start!

Our shipment from Australia departed while I slept last night. It was packed over a month ago but has sat in limbo at an Australian Airbase waiting for a US Military plane to pick it up... along with the shipments of quite a few other families I would imagine! So... once it hits US soil... an Air Force Base in California, it should be to us within a few weeks! YEAH!

My parents bought Joe and I a nice all weather patio set as a housewarming gift. Yesterday we had a quiet day that included enjoying the patio set, the cool (86 degree high) weather, and watching the littles enjoy their new backyard patio!

A huge "Thanks" to Aunt Elaine, Uncle Scott, and Ashley for visiting us so soon! Yeah!!!! And for the fun elephant sprinkler and sidewalk chalk! They are both being put to great use!!!


Ellie said...


Your backyard looks amazing!!! The girls seem to be enjoying it!

I hope your shipment arrives soon and you can start to get your house settled. I can't wait to see photos of all your beautiful furniture in your new home!

Miss you,


Jill said...

Miss Rebel

So sorry to hear about the loss of all your memories.

Send me the short cut to your house so I can check it out.

Have new email address. Will send it to you soon. Hope you are all well and enjoying being home.

Missing you too! Jill

Tonya Lindsey said...


My computer crashed and I lost your blog address. I finally sat down and typed it over and over until I got it right!

Wow, you are almost my neighbor now!! Welcome home!!

And, I must say, that your new home is truly a dream home. It must be the prettiest house/mansion in Alabama!!!!